• Solaris the Wanderer
  • Old Man Henderbeard
  • Damien 'Silver Arm'
  • Raven the Druid
  • Theron the Rogue
  • Barrle the bird

The AdventureEdit

We began today's adventure on the 3rd level of the Pradaqa Tower, the stronghold of the Taldor in the
east.  A mishap with exploding rations let the whole tower know that it was under siege.  Moving up to the fourth floor, the entire party took a fireball when they opened the door.  The fight was easy, in part due to the dagger of never missing, but Raven took some significant damage.

Choosing to forge on instead of resting, the party climbed higher.  Not learning from previous mistakes, they were accosted by another fireball on opening the door to level 5.  This room is a torture chamber with  dead dwarf on the rack.  After the fight, when searching the room, Damien came across a new sheath for his tomahawk.

Moving ever higher, the party encountered more Taldor and the stone golem that they had summoned.  The huge brute was powerful, but a few well placed hits chopped off its ear and stunned it.  That turned the tides and the fight was soon over.

Running out of healing spells and powers in general, the party decided to go on.  The almost killed of the lich on the 7th level, but it teleported away.  Henderbeard spent most of this fight on the ground, and Raven hid in the staircase to avoid damage.

Knowing that they were out of healing and powerful spells, the party chose to take on the top and final level of the tower.  The lich was quickly dispatched, but Elin, the Rakshasa proved to be more difficult.  Her mirror images held up and confounded the party.

With people falling left and right, Theron was charmed, and started to go after Raven.  Solaris' bow was not true this day.  It broke in the heat of battle.  He pulled out a spare and kept up the fight, going through his acid arrows in the process.

At the end, he found a magic short bow.  There will be a new brutality in the Solaris Special now that his bow can double arrows.


Pearl of Power

Bow of Doubling

Tomahawk sheath of Lightning

Dragon Scale of Resistence

Keen Rapier


Session XP: 19,920

Per player:  3,984

Congratualations on Level 7