The orb of Necromancy This orb radiates a strong aura of magic. It has dark inky clouds swirling inside. The orb becomes active when picked up and studied for one hour by a magic user.


  • Gain speak with the dead as a ritual (as the spell of the same name from the Spells pdf p. 41)
  • Gain Detect Undead spell (as per spell pdf)
  • Gain Blight (as per spell pdf)
  • User has no need to eat or drink while the orb is in his possession 

This artifact compels the user to go on a holy quest. As soon as the user fulfills the quest, he or she is immediately sent on another.

Upon gaining a level, the holder of this orb can choose to meditate with it for 24 hours, and gain another piece of knowledge. Either another piece of the song, or a deeper understanding of the hidden messages contained in the orb.

The SongEdit

Pieces of the song are starting to make some sense. The theme is an ancient one, having to do with the god wars, and the time period following. A group of sorcerers banded together to try and fill the void left by the banishment of the gods. Without the gods to lead them, the established religions had fallen into chaos. Hungry for any spiritual guidance, the general population turned to the sorcerers, and the cult flourished. You don't get much of an idea of the cult practices, other than images of vile acts and evil elemental forces though.

Spells Gained:Edit

Hand Fang

Ranak's Minor Drain