Fighting the owlbear

  • 27,751 gp
  • 302 ep
  • 3 sp
  • 2 cp
  • 658 gold covered cp
  • 1,000 lead pieces painted gold (no value)
  • Forty pieces of cut glass (5 sp each) that look like 100 gp gems
  • Ancient silver piece (worth 5 gp to a collector, but only 1 sp to anyone else)
  • 2 Ancient gold pieces (worth 50 gp each if you find a collector)
  • 4 Ancient platinum pieces (worth 200 gp each if you find a collector)
  • 50 Tiger eye agates (10 gp each) - Claimed by Solaris
  • 50 Cat's eye agates (10 gp each) - Claimed by Solaris
  • Magic chest that upgrades magic weapons (32 charges)

Dwarven ArtifactsEdit



  • 20 Arrows
  • Two longbows
  • Five quivers of arrows (30 in each)
  • Highly polished steel mirror (5 gp)
  • 62 Javelins
  • Silver Holy Symbol (worth 500gp, held by Bob)


  • 6 ft. of rope (Held by Henderbeard)
  • Book outlining Centmiir's life

In Use Magic itemsEdit

  • 12 +1 arrows (Held by Solaris)
  • +1 Tomahawk (In use by Damien)
  • Tomahawk sheath of Lightning (In use by Damien)
  • +1 Dagger (In use by Damien)
  • +1 Frostbrand dagger (In use by Damian)
  • 2 +1 shortbows (1 with James)
  • 2 +1 Longbows (In use by Solaris)
  • Staff of Striking (Held by Henderbeard)
  • Staff of Ruin (Held by Henderbeard)
  • Gem earth and stone (Held by Henderbeard)
  • +1 longsword (Held by James)
  • 5 +1 Shuriken (Held by Damian)
  • Djinn Bane Flame tongue falchion (In use by Grimweld)
  • Keen Rapier (In use by Theron)
  • Nightwatcher (In use by Damien)
  • Falchion of the Gnomes (In use by James)
  • Strap of Rending (In use by Damian)
  • +1 shield (With James)
  • 2 +1 rings of protection (In use by Damian)
  • Chrysoberyl Ring (in use by henderbeard)
  • +1 banded armor (In use by Grimweld)
  • +1 Elven Mithral Shirt (in use by Solaris)
  • 2 sets of +1 plate (Bob and James)
  • Ornate +1 platemail with platinum inlays and 6 peridots (worth 5,200 gp if sold - In use by the Grimweld)
  • 2 +1 Studded armors (In use by Theron)
  • Dragon Scale of Resistence (In use by Solaris)
  • Irrefutable Robes (held by Henderbeard)
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (In use by Damian)
  • Boots of striding and springing (In use by Damien)
  • 2 Pearls of Power (In use by Henderbeard and Fitz)
  • Pale lavender ellipsoid ioun stone (Can absorb 18 spells of L4 or less as a reaction) (In use by Fitz)
  • Cloak of resistance +1 (adds +1 to saves against magic effects, worn by Damian)
  • Ring of wizardry (in use by henderbeard)
  • Thieve's tools of stealth (Held by Theron)
  • Undersea boat (In use by everyone)
  • Faronos the Mud Ship (Driver is Bob, but it is attuned to everyone)
  • Necklace of Faronos (In use by Bob)
  • Mud Ring (In use by Damian)
  • Ring of Etherealness
  • Rod of Absorbtion (in use by henderbeard)
  • Boots of Elvenkind (in use by henderbeard)
  • Cloak of elvenkind (in use by henderbeard)
  • Azure sky Shark hide (Theron)
  • Boots of striding and springing (Ava)
  • Amulet of Protection +1 (Ava)
  • Belt of Many Pockets (owned by Bob)
  • Dagger of Venom (Ava)
  • Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis (owned by Atticus)
  • Glasses of seeing in the dark (30 feet of darksight) (Ava)
  • 2 Deep red sphere ioun stones (+1 to DEX) (Ava)

Unclaimed Magic ItemsEdit

  • Slippers of spider climbing
  • 2 Wands of alter self (22 charges & 19 charges)
  • Wand of binding
  • 2 Wands of enemy detection
  • Wand of fireball (6th-level caster, 10 charges)
  • Wand of magic missiles (10 charges)
  • Dust of Dryness
  • Sunrod
  • Prayer beads (3 times per day can cast bless)
  • Quill of copying
  • Scarab of protection (6 charges, absorbs 20 HP of necromancy damage)
  • Brooch of shielding (Shields from magic missile. 31 HP of protection left)
  • Hat of disguise
  • Spellguard shield
  • Mace of Disruption
  • Mithral shirt
  • Ordinary sword and dagger enchanted to be magic (Evocation dweomer)
  • Belt of Battle
  • Monocle of Perusal
  • Gauntlets of the Master Strategist

Cursed Magic ItemsEdit

  • Necklace of Strangulation (Enchanted to identify as a +1 necklace of protection)
  • Magic Belt - Appears as a Belt of Giant Strength, but is a cursed belt of Masculinity/Femininity


  • 6 Doses of essence of darknes
  • Potion of Charisma (+2 to CHA for 1 minute)
  • Potion of displacement
  • Potion of eagle's splendor (+2 to cha for 1 hour)
  • Potion of Endurance (+2 to CON for 1 minute, includes HP increase)
  • 12 Potions of Healing
  • 5 Potions of Extra Healing
  • 3 Potions of Invisibility
  • Potion of Protection from fire (protects for 46 hp of fire damage)
  • Potion of Protection from cold (protects for 72 HP of cold damage)
  • Potion of Strength (Increases your strength by 4 for 1 hour, can go above 20)
  • Flask of oil


  • Scroll of Augury (L2 cleric)
  • Scroll of Burning Hands (L1 Mage)
  • Scroll of Cause Fear (L1 Barc, cleric, mage)
  • Scroll of Charm person (L1 Bard, Druid, Mage)
  • Scroll of Commune (L5 Cleric, Druid)
  • Scroll of Cone of cold (L5 Mage)
  • Scroll of Create food and water (L3 Cleric and Paladin)
  • 3 Scrolls of Cure wounds (2d8+2 HP)
  • Scroll of Cure critical wounds (6d8+2 HP)
  • Scroll of Cure serious wounds (4d8+2 HP)
  • Scroll of Detect Magic (L1 Bard, Cleric, Druid, Mage, Paladin)
  • Scroll of Dimension door (L4 Bard, Mage)
  • 2 Scrolls of Dispel magic (L3 Bard, Cleric, Druid, Mage, Paladin)
  • Scroll of Dominate person (L5 Druid, Mage)
  • Scroll of Flaming Sphere (L2 Druid, Mage)
  • Scroll of Fly (L3 Mage)
  • Scroll of Haste (L3 Mage)
  • 2 Scrolls of Invisibility
  • 2 Scrolls of Lesser restoration
  • 2 Scrolls of Lightning bolt
  • 2 Scrolls of Mass Cure Wounds
  • Scroll of Magic mouth
  • Scroll of Neutrlize poison
  • Scroll of Polymorph
  • 2 Scrolls of Protection from undead
  • Scroll of Raise dead
  • Scroll of Ray of enfeeblement
  • Scroll of Remove curse
  • Scroll of Remove disease
  • Scroll of Ressurection
  • Scroll of Soundburst
  • Scroll of Spiderclimb
  • 2 Scrolls of Stoneskin
  • Scroll of Telekinesis
  • Scroll of Teleportation circle
  • Scroll of Thunderwave
  • Scroll of Undetectable alignment (Similar to Ring of Mind Shielding, lasts for 1 minute)
  • Scroll of Wall of Fire
  • Scroll of Water breathing
  • Scroll detailing how to use summon familiar to summon a quasit

3 Ancient tomes written in Taalese:

  • Kaia Jezulein Prophaetus Minorum (“Minor Prophecies of the Jezulein”)
  • Perfectus Fe Syrcae Magica et os Jezulein (“Perfect Iron Circle Magic and the Jezulein”).
  • Gare et maintien d'un golem (Care and maintenance of golems). turned into ashes, we made a shortened version.

The rare codices are worth 1,000 gp each to a sage or scholar.

₪ All gems and mundane loot is considered sold in town.  If you want a certain ring, gem, or necklace, make sure to speak up about it.


Product Property Stock Price
Mirget +2 damage for one hit 2 50 gp
Healing Potion Heals 2d8+2 HP above 100 gp
Gonshi +2 Dex for one hit 4 50 gp
Nift +2 to AC for 1 hit 2

50 gp

Luffin +2 to attack for one hit 2 50 gp
Turpin Max damage for a spell 1 400 gp
Goodberries Max damage for a spell 15 -- gp
Blessed Bandage Immediately stabilize a dying creature (can be used untrained without a healing check) 4 50
Sleep Smoke Creatures need to make a DC 14 Con save or sleep for 1d3 minutes.  (affects 20 ft diameter circle.) 2 100
Blasting Pellets Covers 5 ft square, any creature going through the square takes 1d6 damage 2 50
Shape Sand Through the exertion of your will (Wisdom check DC 16), you can create any mundane non-magical object out of sand that serves as a normal item of the same sort. It retains that shape as long as it stays within 100' of you, but you can also reshape it whenever you like by making another Wisdom check. 1 250
Liquid Sunlight On impact, the liquid continues to give off light like a torch for 1 round. A struck creature who is light sensitive becomes Dazzled for 1 round. A creature that is actually harmed by sunlight, such as a Vampire, takes 1d6 damage. 3 50

Items Donated to Kilborn's ArmyEdit

  • 60,000 gp donation
  • 2 +1 spears
  • +1 longsword
  • +1 wooden shield
  • 2 +1 shields
  • +1 Shield (goes from the unclaimed stuff)
  • +1 Shortsword (goes from the unclaimed stuff)
  • +1 leather armor (goes from unclaimed stuff)
  • Glowing staff (has a permanent light spell cast on it) (goes from unclaimed stuff unless someone got a claim on it.)